Arjo Well – Complete! Summer 2011

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What if you woke up this morning, getting ready for the day, turned on the shower, and water was not flowing from the faucet? You quickly realize that in fact no water is running in your house.  You turn on the TV frantic for what might be going on and you find out you no longer have access to water in your home or anywhere in your city.

Imagine this is not a nightmare; this is a reality. You are now walking two to five miles to the nearest water source: your local river. Out of necessity, you begin to carry a few gallons of water on your back to your home for cooking and basic cleaning each day.

For millions of people this is a reality, a daily routine. What if you realized that this could be changed? What if collectively, community by community, a well could be dug?  Water could be purified.   It only takes a few people to change the situation for hundreds or thousands of people.

In January 2011, the Bridges family traveled MANY hours on terrible “roads” to meet and encourage the family of their new friend, Aleymayhu (aka Alex).   Alex arrived in America only 1 year prior, after winning the equivalent of the Ethiopian lottery.  His name was drawn to receive a visa to America.   Alex is living every immigrant’s dream.  He has a good job, is going to school and longs to get an education as a nurse so that he can return to Ethiopia and help his family and community.  Embrace Compassion has partnered with Alex and his local community in a remote area of Western Ethiopia to develop a natural spring into a source of water for an entire community.

Within 3 short months of returning from the trip, we received government paperwork approving our first proposed well in the Ethiopian community where Alex is from.  It is Embrace Compassion’s goal to empower the local people, as opposed to just doing something for them … to help them take ownership for changing their community. The Ethiopian people do the work and negotiate supplies which for this first project kept our cost to a mere $4300.  This is the community we visited and they had never seen white people before.  We actually were a little frightening to the small children!  For the first time in the history of this village they will have clean drinking water, a water connection for the animals and for sanitation.  The community elected officials for the water committee, took an oath and commissioned each other to partner with us to get it done.  The project has no overhead, no admin fees and 100% of very dollar is going directly to the well.  It is an opportunity for anyone to directly see their dollar given for clean water in Africa.  We are doing it.  You can do it too.

Within hours of leaving Alex’s village, authorities from neighboring villages were calling our driver asking when the white people would come to them.  They also had many problems because they did not have clean water.  When can the white people come to help them?  Of course we know that help is not defined by the color of our skin but in the opportunity to make money and a heart of generosity.  God has blessed many of us with those abilities in America.

Our family and many others, through Embrace Compassion, have made a commitment to do whatever we can to bring help that rural Ethiopian families are desperately looking for, one water project at a time.

Below is a video of the beginning of the project to develop the spring into a usable well for the community of Arjo.

Wayu Kiltu Spring, Arjo from Embracecompassion on Vimeo.

Below is a map of the region where the well site is located.

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Recent Updates

Want to meet a couple of our heroes??? These people are part of the awesome surgical team at our Nekemte Public Referral Hospital that serves day in and day out. A hospital never closes and is always ready to help the most medically fragile.

The American EC team collects new and gently used scrubs to share with our hospital. If you aren’t a medical professional you can still help us find scrubs at a great price on the FB market place or discount retailers. #everyonecanmakeadifference

#supershoppersforthewin #handmedownshardatwork

Photo: courtesy of Dr Haileyesus Tesfaye in the hospital OR and new scrubs delivered by our EC volunteer team in December.

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Amazing young people. Our beautiful next generation loving well, sharing hope and making a difference. 💕

Photo: Galatoomi Melkamuu

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On behalf of all of the wonderful volunteers and our children and families in Ethiopia, thank you for a beautiful year! Our end of the benefit raised more than $10,000 to continue help make what we do possible. Family preservation, special projects and encouraging those in country doing an awesome job are our specialty. Thank you or Galatooma for standing in the gap with us. Everyone Can Make a Difference!

A special shout out to our business event sponsor: Consumer Cellular!

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