Dare to Dream…Ethiopia Outreach, Winter 2013

2013  Hope List

Each trip has been a unique adventure and blessing in its own way, both for those traveling and for those we visit and maybe surprising to some, a blessing to those watching from the US.  We strive to step beyond “an experience of a life time” and attempt to allow ourselves to be changed forever and the tangible Love of Jesus we bring with us impact all with whom we come in contact.  We believe that everyone participatin shares in the surreal sense of God using them to make a difference.  We begin with a dream, dare to hope for what we need and then be amazed and grateful for what comes together.

Resources Needed 

We will do our best to Tag you on FB when your items are delivered!

Last Minute Wishes: Gently used 4G Iphone for an American family living and serving full time in ET(allows for special rates to call the US)  donated! 

1000 washcloths/wipes purchased in Addis for the daycare in the garbage dump($1 each). Fully Funnded!

Water Well Projects: 2 Wells Funded

Chickens 90 funded, 8 coops funded and chicken feed funded!

Sheep 10 Fully Funded!

Cow only 1 available Fully Funded!

Learning Materials coloring art supplies, 1300 multi-colored crayons, 600 pencils, 14 scissors, 10 water colors, art books,  glue sticks, Fully Funded!

Princess Project for Children’s Heaven: Up to 100 girls, totes and treasures.  Coordinated by Shana Fully Funded!

Chicken Coop and Dinner for Children’s Heaven:  Coordinated by Kimberly Fully Funded! 

Fruit and Bread  Women’s prison –  Fully funded!

KOLFE Boys Orphanage: fruit and bread for 300-fully funded, one traditional tibbs, shiro and injerra meal for 300 orphan boys, fully funded! 

Medical supplies purchased in country for simple needs like scabies, worms, bandages and as needed Fully funded!

Emergency Medical supplies brought with us, $100

Shoes and socks for the village children $10 per child (foot washing, socks and shoes purchased in Addis Ababa and transported to the village) 92 pairs sponsored! 

Sporting Equipment50 Soccer balls, 4 volleyballs Fully Funded!

Community soccer game supplies30 soccer jerseys & shorts for 2 teams, referee shirt, game ball fully funded!

Music supplies: battery powered CD player-funded!, children’s CDs/donated, extra batteries $15

Rural supplies:  battery powered lights (donate supplies or $ to purchase)

Village Cooking Materials: firewood is difficult to get and labor intensive for the women and children and it damages their bodies.  We need an alternative or more efficient cooking source besides fire for the village.  We will start in Mamma’s house and pilot the new idea during the visit. Pilot this program for $350 50% funded!

Community Meal supplies: sheep, Teff grain, sugar, coffee, popcorn, beans $25 serves 10 people, 226 meals sponsored/ unlimited available

Hygiene supplies: soap, Fully Funded!

Rain barrel filtration system $TBD per rain barrel

Sponsored Tubs/airline baggage for donated supplies.   Multiply your gift times 5!  We have beautiful clothing and blankets that are donated and we only need the shipping fee.  1 blanket & children’s outfit costs approx $4.  A $20 value.

30 Bibles colorful children’s bibles: Fully Funded!

Gently used or new clothing donated and waiting for shipping!

Blankets donated and waiting for shipping!

Care packages for the Americans we visit who have given their lives to serve and stay long term in Ethiopia. Priceless 

Vacation Bible School Programming: Fully Funded! 


We are a volunteer driven group giving of our love, resources and abilities.  Watch for our postings on the Embrace Compassion Facebook Page to keep you informed of the gifts that you have given!

Why Clean Water?

A core position we take at Embrace Compassion is to adopt one larger project at a time that we can partner with a local indigenous group of people who desire to do something big and forward thinking for their community.  Our first such project was in 2011 in partnership with the people of Arjo.  We were able to complete a clean water spring well by providing the sand, rocks and money for the engineering, government approval and water testing.  The people of the community ASKED US for the help, we gave small amounts of funds to the community and they did all of the work.  They completed what they set out to do for their own people.

Of course there was some resistance, in that some of the people would have rather had the funds to buy food and worry about tomorrow later.  The struggle is not unusual.  When any amazing and new thing is begun, naysayers will surface.  What is astounding is that the people who wanted this to happen, stepped up, pushed through and completed the job.  No American hands were physically lifted.  Prayers went up, dollars were sent and the Africans stood for their own and showed their dignity in blessing their people.

Why do we do these types of projects?

  1. I believe each project makes a significant difference, one village at a time.
  2. It allows us to build relationship with Africans who we can empower to help themselves.
  3. There is not a better way to show God’s love than to work alongside a brother or sister and meet basic needs.

We are being asked again, by the people and the local government, if we will help with more clean water.  Shouldn’t everyone have access to parasite free clean water?  Will you help us?


Partner With Us

[progpress title="Embrace Hope 2012/2013 Sponsorship" goal="1632" current="1350" prefix="$" separator=" / "] Goal complete! Thank you sponsors!

[progpress title="Way Kiltu Education" goal="3000" current="3000" prefix="$" separator=" / "] Goal complete! Thank you sponsors!

[progpress title="Wayu Kiltu Spring Well" goal="4300" current="4300" prefix="$" separator=" / "] Goal complete! Thank you sponsors!

Click here for current projects and needs!

Recent Updates

Want to meet a couple of our heroes??? These people are part of the awesome surgical team at our Nekemte Public Referral Hospital that serves day in and day out. A hospital never closes and is always ready to help the most medically fragile.

The American EC team collects new and gently used scrubs to share with our hospital. If you aren’t a medical professional you can still help us find scrubs at a great price on the FB market place or discount retailers. #everyonecanmakeadifference

#supershoppersforthewin #handmedownshardatwork

Photo: courtesy of Dr Haileyesus Tesfaye in the hospital OR and new scrubs delivered by our EC volunteer team in December.

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Amazing young people. Our beautiful next generation loving well, sharing hope and making a difference. 💕

Photo: Galatoomi Melkamuu

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On behalf of all of the wonderful volunteers and our children and families in Ethiopia, thank you for a beautiful year! Our end of the benefit raised more than $10,000 to continue help make what we do possible. Family preservation, special projects and encouraging those in country doing an awesome job are our specialty. Thank you or Galatooma for standing in the gap with us. Everyone Can Make a Difference!

A special shout out to our business event sponsor: Consumer Cellular!

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