Ethiopia Outreach Winter 2012- Completed!

All year long, many hands work together to gather and disperse treasures.  Organization of the comings and goings, as well as the behind the scenes countless hours, that have been given generously make us so very thankful to be part of a very blessed group.  It is obvious that this is not our own but a gift from the very heart of God.  It is with great confidence that I step forward reaching toward the goal and running the race that He has given me to run.  When I look around me, I find so many others doing the same.

We will be posting pictures on Facebook  to keep you informed of the gifts that you have given!

Here are some of the needs for the 2012 trip:  (see the last minutes wishes at the end)

Completed: School Supplies and shoes for the children at the Arjo Village

Completed: 120 Chickens, 10 baby Sheep

Completed: Diaper covers 100, Cloth Diapers 100, Towels 60

Pending approval:  Begin Latrine and Sanitation Project in Arjo:  estimated need $3000, $200 given

Completed (Large Costco size): 22 bottles of children’s Gummi Vitamins

Completed:  Bibles for adults and for children with colorful pictures

meals: a time to feed the people and meet them in their hunger and pray blessings over them, any dollar amount

Completed: $90 Oranges for the Kolfe orphanage

A ministry gift for boys in a discipleship and English program under the leadership of our American friends living in Ethiopia.  This is an incredible intense program that has the potential to train-up the future leadership of the country.

Completed:  $90 Oranges for the children of Children’s Heaven

4 bags Completed/ more available for sponsorship: $15,  bag of Teff (grain to make their bread), Shiro (protein source like re-fried beans) Coffee or Sugar for a starving family (families will be hand selected as pointed out to us by leadership we have relationships with) in Addis Ababa, the Arjo and surrounding areas or other areas that are made evident to us.  So many in Ethiopia are literally starving from the rise of inflation and drought.

Completed:  $1 per child: Fruit and bread for the street children

Completed:  22 Soccer balls and 2 volleyballs, 3 pumps

Completed: Blankets for the children, approximately 50 Amazing!

Completed: Christmas gifts for 4 American families that serve diligently day in and day out and live full time in Ethiopia. We must never forget the hands of Jesus that these precious people are to others.  We must honor, respect, give grace, refrain from any judgement, show love and pray continually over these friends.  We will never know truly what it is like to walk in their shoes.

Completed:  Extra luggage containers to bring donated supplies, $200 each x 6 = $1200!

Completed:  Baby clothing

Completed:  Transportation expenses for Alemayehu to return to his village so he can help Embrace Compassion with translation and continue to help coordinate big projects like the completed well and the up and coming sanitation project and the child education project.  $1000 given.  Alex has blessed our team, has helped us connect in an area of Ethiopia where no other white people have ever been and no outside assistance has ever been given, that we know of.  This will be Alex’s first return trip to Ethiopia since he recieved his visa to America.  His heart is to bless his people and to give back.

Thank you so very much for considering what gift of grace you would like to consider extending to the mostly lovely Ethiopian people. 

Last minute wishes…2 days and counting!

The notes above indicate what is left from our original list and I would like to add, if anyone has the desire to help with a couple more items….here goes.  Please don’t feel obligated, just putting out there!

5 bottles of baby drop vitamins

Completed:  a stove and injerra (bread maker) for a brand new family made of 7 orphans and 2 widows approximately $700  (I have a matching gift of $350 that will only be given if the other $350 comes in)

Table and chairs and 1 couch for this same orphan/widow family, huge leap of faith!

100% of the donations received for this trip will be given as designated.


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[progpress title="Embrace Hope 2012/2013 Sponsorship" goal="1632" current="1350" prefix="$" separator=" / "] Goal complete! Thank you sponsors!

[progpress title="Way Kiltu Education" goal="3000" current="3000" prefix="$" separator=" / "] Goal complete! Thank you sponsors!

[progpress title="Wayu Kiltu Spring Well" goal="4300" current="4300" prefix="$" separator=" / "] Goal complete! Thank you sponsors!

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Recent Updates

Delightful silent auction treasures are still coming in! We could not do what we do without the help of so many generous partners! Thank you Leatherman Consumer Cellular Flipside Hats Disneyland Sherwood Ice Arena Oaks Park Roller Rink Wildlife Safari Pittock Mansion and so many more!! The Obo Addy Legacy Project drummers will be joining us too!!

Don’t forget to buy your ticket!!!!

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Nekempte hospital is the leading hospital in western Ethiopia, specifically in the Oromia region. Approximately 5 million people surround the hospital and are serviced by the staff at this medical facility.

We would like to highlight some new progress currently underway at the hospital. Dr. Haileyesus, the lead surgeon, has worked diligently to establish teamwork among the staff, the local community and with other non profit helping teams across the world. Doctor Haileyesus finds great success in working hard to build an infrastructure that supports the best care possible for patients. He sees great value in bringing together multiple helpers and team players for the best results.

While our wonderful doctor is very humble, we will boast of some of the wonderful achievements that have come from his leadership and partnership with others.

We are celebrating the opening of a new operating theater that will increase the number of surgeries by 50%! The new operating room gives more options as we have added a new orthopedic surgeon who is using SIGN materials to repair badly broken bones.

We are also celebrating the addition of a new skin grafting dermatome machine that has already increased our level of care for our patients.

With much thanks to the community and their support, to Doctor Haileyesus and his humble leadership and to the supporting NGO’s like Sign and Embrace Compassion, our team is making a wonderful impact for the Oromia region.

Nekemte Public Referral Hospital Haileyesus Tesfaye Jeanne Dillner Jennifer Bridges

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We are collecting brand new soccer balls for our kids for Christmas! Feel free to send them directly to our office or to one of our volunteers homes. We will be collecting through Christmas. ...

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