Tangible Hope 2015

Thank you for checking to see how YOU can help!  One of our most effective strategies has been to work within our Bright Spot Families to deeply meet their needs which allows them to move out of a scarcity mindset and begin to tangibly help their neighbors and the community around them.   We have 47 children who need an American friend!

We are going deep with one village, one community and one family at a time.

I love it when our friends and family can meet very specific needs, and we get to share with you the stories that surround the blessings you send!  There are needs that are reoccurring, one time only, and some that will be built on over the years.  I believe that everyone can make a difference for the families in Arjo. 

We need gifts of all shapes and sizes.  We need you!

Family/Humanitarian Aid

  • Send Donated Clothing in our Suitcase, $4 per pound
  • Clinical Medical Supplies, Equipment and Training (see items below for simpler meds needed)
  • Encourage a mom with a new head scarf, $6
  • Big bag of Grain for one of our families:  Teff, Wheat, Corn, $40
  • Solar powered light for a family, $80
  • Benevolence Emergency Relief, $25
  • Hygiene & Sanitation Supplies & Training $10
  • Soap and Vaseline purchased in Country $5
  • Family Blanket purchased in the village from the blanket shop $10
  • Gasoline for our Ethiopian vehicle, $15

Education Resources

  • Library Resource and Books
  • Art Kits, Puzzles, Coloring Books & Game
  • Art Supplies, Paper, Colored Pencils, Paint, Scissors & Glue Sticks
  • Learning Pad Maintenance

Sharing the Message

  • Culturally appropriate bible story coloring book, written in the local language $10
  • Travel for our mission team leader and in country expenses
  • A bible in the Oromo language carried into the village $15

Beautiful Toyota Landcruiser

  • Our 20 year old sturdy off-roading vehicle provides our team with safety, shares medical transportation for sick villagers, and gives us the opportunity to bring much needed supplies into the village.  This vehicle exponentially increases our ability to spread tangible Love.  We have until December 1st, 2015 to finish funding this vehicle.

Embrace Compassion Self-Sustaining Endeavors/ Micro Enterprise

  • University Scholarships $1500 per year
  • Job and Vocational Training Scholarships $1000
  • Start a Business Grant $500
  • Cart and Donkey $1200
  • Two Oxen for Plowing to Help Someone Provide for Their Family $600
  • A milk cow for a family, $800
  • Pure Water Opportunities, Approximately $5000 per Well.

Too many choices?  Would you rather give a little bit all year long?  A monthly gift is always a blessing and helps us allocate where the needs are the greatest as well as plan as God directs us.   Visit our How Can I Help page for various donation options.

If you are seeking out a service project and items to collect on our behalf, these are items we often need and replenish and are more difficult to buy in country.  Choosing something from our list can be a big blessing to our village.  Helping us with the cost of sending them in our extra luggage is always appreciated as well.  Thank you for thinking of us!

Shoes: New Croc shoes, new lace up tennis shoes
Clothing: Like new or new zip up track jacks, hoodie sweatshirts and like new jeans or dress pants. Long dresses or skirts. Beanie caps. New backpacks.
New high quality Art Supplies: Watercolors, children’s scissors, glue sticks, stickers, small solar calculators, high quality writing pens, markers, colored pencils, coloring books about God or bible stories, board books or books that would be difficult to damage in our very rustic rural conditions about God, letters, numbers or simple English
Medical Supplies: Neosporin, anti-fungal creams, hydrocortisone, elastic bandages/ace wraps, high quality bandaids, q-tips, vitamin C, children’s multivitamins, zinc, Ibuprofen,
Ziploc Gallon Bags and sandwich size zipper bags

Partner With Us

[progpress title="Embrace Hope 2012/2013 Sponsorship" goal="1632" current="1350" prefix="$" separator=" / "] Goal complete! Thank you sponsors!

[progpress title="Way Kiltu Education" goal="3000" current="3000" prefix="$" separator=" / "] Goal complete! Thank you sponsors!

[progpress title="Wayu Kiltu Spring Well" goal="4300" current="4300" prefix="$" separator=" / "] Goal complete! Thank you sponsors!

Click here for current projects and needs!

Recent Updates

Want to meet a couple of our heroes??? These people are part of the awesome surgical team at our Nekemte Public Referral Hospital that serves day in and day out. A hospital never closes and is always ready to help the most medically fragile.

The American EC team collects new and gently used scrubs to share with our hospital. If you aren’t a medical professional you can still help us find scrubs at a great price on the FB market place or discount retailers. #everyonecanmakeadifference

#supershoppersforthewin #handmedownshardatwork

Photo: courtesy of Dr Haileyesus Tesfaye in the hospital OR and new scrubs delivered by our EC volunteer team in December.

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Amazing young people. Our beautiful next generation loving well, sharing hope and making a difference. 💕

Photo: Galatoomi Melkamuu

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On behalf of all of the wonderful volunteers and our children and families in Ethiopia, thank you for a beautiful year! Our end of the benefit raised more than $10,000 to continue help make what we do possible. Family preservation, special projects and encouraging those in country doing an awesome job are our specialty. Thank you or Galatooma for standing in the gap with us. Everyone Can Make a Difference!

A special shout out to our business event sponsor: Consumer Cellular!

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